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1990s TO 2020s EJ/EZ/EE/FB/FA SERIES

AGT Engineering has been providing wiring conversion solutions for 20 years, specialising in Subaru. From early model (92+) EJ22 Engines through to late model Canbus and Fly-By-Wire EJ/EZ/FB/FA/EE series engines. Most conversion shops get scared when you mention the word Canbus, and will only deal in older conversions pre-Canbus. At AGT Engineering,we like to stay on top of current technology and like to do the conversions that have not been attempted before.

Wiring services are normally completed using a customer supplied loom. Once a loom is received and options specified (Instrument Cluster, Air conditioning, cruise control functionality), it is stripped and the non engine related wires removed. most of the wires are contained between the Engine Computer (ECU), the main engine plugs and engine related ancillaries. Depending on the options, there are about 10 wires that are left loose requiring connection by the customer when the loom is installed. These include the power, engine ignition power, grounds, temperature gauge, tachometer, oil and check engine lights etc. There are also two wires required to trigger the radiator fan relays. These wires are coiled up, labelled and highlighted in the wiring diagram schematic supplied.

Note that some wires depending on the end application will require lengthening to reach their desired locations, the wiring lengths provided are the largest length obtained from the original wiring loom. Extra wiring to the exact colouring can be purchased from Rapid Cables

If a different model engine wiring is required to be integrated into an existing Subaru vehicle loom, both looms are needed and a complete plug&play converted loom is provided that plugs back into the vehicle, with the new engine and ECU wiring.

AGT Engineering has provided wiring looms for Subaru motors into classic model VW Beetle's, Kombi's, Dune Buggies and Kit-Cars for both Australian customers and customers worldwide.

We also do wiring looms for other branded vehicles, including but not limited to VW, GM, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Mazda.

Our new interface box tidy's up the looms even further and provides an easy and neat installation into the vehicle. Our interface box can be purchased separate or integrated into our looms.  For further details have a look at the manual in the link below or view the item in the web shop.

To view the options and pricing, please download the order form below.

To see our Canbus Harness information video CLICK HERE

This form provides details and pricing of various Subaru loom modification serviced as well as customer details to be included when you send us the wiring harness. Prices are in $AUD and exclude shipping costs.

This manual includes an the functional overview wiring and installation instructions for the Subaru Interface Box

This spreadsheet shows the wiring function (including colours) of various Subaru wiring harnesses and their connection to the AGT Subaru Interface Box.
This spreadsheet will be regularly updated with more harness types.

Late model Subaru Canbus engine information sheet.
This information sheet gives basic information of the various models and what you need to know electrically for each system

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