Subaru stand-alone interface box

Subaru stand-alone interface box

The Subaru interface box as an all in one interface comprising of all the fuses, relays, connectors, diagnostics indicators lamps and even an onboard OBDII diagnostic port.

It is designed to replace all the loose modules, relays and connectors and house them all in one enclosure. The interface box also incluses fuses and radiator fan relays, eliminating the needs to install extra hardware to run these components. 

The interface box also includes add on options such as a Canbus emulator, fuel system emulator and variable speed fuel pump emulator (for 02+ turbo and H6 engines).

"Test Mode" and "Read Memory" subaru connectos are replaced with opn-board toggle switches. A 3rd toggle switch selects between constant OBDII power and switched OBDII power. This enables an OBDII scanner (or bluetooth module) to be able to be plugged into the OBDII port permanently without flatening the vehicle battery.


Designed to work on just about all OEM Subaru EFI wiring systems, from the 1990s EJ22 all the way to current model Canbus/electronic throttle systems.


The interface shaves up to several hours off the harness modification time and also simplifies and speeds up the electrical install to the vehicle.


The unit comes complete with enclosure with suitable wiring holes to be drilled by the installer in suitbale positions. The unit does not come with relays. It is intended for the Subaru relays to be re-used from the donor harness. The relays are standard "Micro ISO" relays.

The canbus emulator and fuel/variable fuel pump emulator are available as options at time of ordering.


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