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AGT Engineering have been providing Canbus solutions for the automotive engine conversion market for around 10 years. Starting off with solutions for Subaru engine management systems and now branched out into various manufacturers and vehicle types including solutions for the following engine/vehicles:

  • SUBARU (For stand alone systems and all types of conversions using Subaru engines)

  • BRZ/86/FRS Canbus solutions for engine swaps of any type (LS, Honda, Toyota) and the power steering emulator for stand alone operation or controlled power assist (race/drifting use)

  • GM LS/LT Canbus translators for conversions into Subarus and Nissans, and of course the BRZ / GT86

  • FORD Canbus emulators/translators for the Barra / V8 (BA-BF-FG-FGX)

  • FORD Canbus translators for the Mustang Coyote V8

  • FORD Ranger PX1/PX2 plug in translators for engine conversions with the LS/Barra/Coyote

  • We have also done various modules for manufacturers including Chrysler / Jeep / Tesla

For more information on some of our products, check out some of the highlights below, and also what is available in the Shop.


For Canbus Subaru engines into non Subaru vehicles (such as VW), or into older Subaru vehicle

The AGT Engineering Canbus Emulator Mini is a product that does most of the functions of the Subaratronics unit, in a smaller, easier to hide enclosure, without all the extras that were often not used. It works on both EJ series engines from the Subaru Liberty/Legacy/Outback Gen4 models and Impreza/Forester Gen3 models. It also works on later FA/FB/EE engines from the Impreza/Forester/WRX/BRZ/86 Range. It has a speedometer input from a conventional 4-5pulse speedometer wheel sensor, and can also be used with a GPS speed input reference. The speed can be calibrated to 25%-250% of the original signal, and allow cruise control to fully function. The speed signal can also be simulated to a constant value if the speed sensor is not needed. It also provides an optional input for a reverse input signal to activate the rearview camera when the vehicle is placed into reverse. The Emulator Mini does not include a screen for diagnostics, just a couple of LEDs to provide Canbus and Input status. An ELM327 OBDII device can be used to provide datalogging through a smartphone or tablet


For Canbus Translation from one system to another, such as GM LS Canbus into a BRZ/Toyota 86/Scion FRS

The Canbus Translator was originally designed for fitting late model V8 GM LS engines into the Subaru brand of vehicle, including the BRZ (or Toyota 86/Scion FRS). It translates the GM Canbus messages associated with the engine, into the Subaru Canbus messages and vice versa. This then allows the vehicles instrument cluster (tachometer, temperature gauge and engine related warning lights) to work correctly with the new engine system. It also ensures other systems within the car function correctly, such as the Electric Power Steering and ABS/Traction Control

The Canbus Translator can also be used with non-Canbus engines, or engines with a non standard Canbus messaging system if it is wired up to the engines tachometer output and with an optional coolant temperature sender. With this setup it will work with pretty much any older engine system. The downside of this setup is there is no way for traction control to function.

Although originally designed for Subaru, it can be programmed for other vehicles. Some Ford and Nissan vehicles are also supported.


The Plug and Play Translator is designed to plug into the original factory FA20 ECU plugs. It translates Canbus and non-Canbus signals from a gen iv GM series E38 ECU to the BRZ/86/FRS platform via the 54pin FA20 plug and a slightly modifed GM engine harness.

The “plug and play” Canbus translator comes from an expansion of the original BRZ/86/FRS Canbus Translator that was introduced in 2016 which concentrated on the basics. To add functions such as cruise control, Air Conditioning, Pushbutton start and reverse lamp control, a lot of extra wiring is needed. All of this extra (and original) wiring exists at the original OEM ECU plugs with no ECU needed. It makes perfect sense to utilise these plugs to directly interface to the translator.

The “plug and play” translator also enables wiring from the GM wiring loom in the engine bay to be passed to the vehicle via the redundant 54pin FA20 engine plug. The translator then patches wiring from the plug to the appropriate vehicle wiring used or to the translator. The wiring through the FA20 engine plugs includes the GM power wiring, PCM, fan and AC relay controls.

Like the new series of AGT Engineering Canbus Translators and Emulators, the “plug and play” translator comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows a live data display through an Android Smartphone or Tablet device. The Bluetooth module can also be used so the user can easily adjust settings, activate a test mode and allow end user upgrading of the device software. The new series of translator also includes throttle pedal analog conversion. You can now keep the original BRZ/86/FRS accelerator pedal. The translator adjusts the standard pedal voltages to the LS3 GM pedal voltages.

One of the big advantages of the “plug and play” system is that no wiring modifications are needed to the vehicle to get it to work. Knowledge of the BRZ/86/FRS wiring is not required, and there is no need to get the wiring installed by an auto electrician. The LS harness needs just minor modification by cutting off the bulkhead and fusebox connectors from the LS harness, and crimping these cut wires to the 54pin FA20 engine plug as per the wiring guide (this is easiest with the LS harnesses with the two PCM plugs on the engine harness).

Full support is available for GM GeniV type systems using the E38 Engine PCM. Late LS2 is also supported but with limited functions.

To obtain the upgrade package download from the following link

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