Basic Subaru Wiring Loom Conversion (Pre-Canbus Version)

Basic Subaru Wiring Loom Conversion (Pre-Canbus Version)

Wiring Loom strip and label to suit stand alone installation or installation into VW or similar.

Service includes removaing all redundant wiring and labelling all wiring that needs to be connected.

Joining of a few power commons to simplify install.

Turnaround generally 2-3 weeks.


Please download this order sheet for option pricing and fill out the details to send with the harness so we know what options you require and where to send it back to.





    Looms ~99+ have an OEM immobiliser, so will need to have a matching Engine ECU, Key, Key Barrel and Immobiliser unit to function.


    On board diagnostics is retained on all looms, in most cases this is an OBDII connector.


    Features such as AC and Cruise control can be retained, however these will ad some extra complexity to the installation. Please indicate if AC and Cruise control are needed at time of order.


    Like all looms, we provide a marked up diagram highlighting the connections needed and the modifications performed.

    One or two contant power fused supplies will be needed to run the wiring loom, as well as one or two relays to control the radiator fans. The fan relays can be controlled by the engine ECU (highly recommended). The fadiator fan and AC clutch relays do not always end up being on the loom and will have to be added by the installer. The main engine relay and fuel pump relay are retained in the modified loom.


    Shipping will be calculated on completetion of the loom and dependant on the weight and distance.