Plug and Play BRZ/86/FRZ Canbus Translator Kit

Plug and Play BRZ/86/FRZ Canbus Translator Kit

The ultimate translator for the BRZ/86/FRS platform with just about everything mapped between the GM and BRZ/86/FRS Platform on both Canbus and discrete wiring.

The kit includes the bare translator circuit board which fits inside the original FA20 ECU enclosure and plugs into the original ECU plugs.

The kit also includes a 54pin FA20 engine plug with pins to allow you to crimp your LS tyle engine loom to connect to the vehicle,  a reverse lamp receptacle, and an FA20 alternator "dummy plug"


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    Please note, currently only prgrammed for Gen IV LS2, LS3 and LSA applications. Support for other engines (e.g. LS1 2JZ) coming soon.

  • Latest Update 03-04-2021

    Faster I/O Scanning, inlcuding accelerator pedal response.

    Extra support for aftermarket dash (such as Powertune).

    Updates to fuel gauge estimation.

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