LS BRZ/86/FRS Mount Kit - LS3-TR6060 suit RHD

LS BRZ/86/FRS Mount Kit - LS3-TR6060 suit RHD

Finally a RHD compatible mount kit is available for RHD vehicles.


After years of being involved in LS conversions into the BRZ/86 the biggest question we get non electrical related is where to get mounts. For Australians with RHD vehicles, this has normally meant custom one-off DIY mounts. There are several mounts suppliers in the USA providing mounts, however they have all been tried in RHD and simply do not work well (even the ones stating they work in RHD configuration. Normally requiring extensive modifications to get the engine to sit well.


The AGT mounts were CAD designed when we designed the plug and play Canbus translator and have been in use for over a year in our own vehicle. They have also passed NSW engineering.


The engine mounts are configured in a sturdy K frame arrangement bolting into the original FA engine mount crossmember and tie all the way to the front suspension mount. Rubber mounts are provided by quality race spec Whiteline LS1 VX Commodore engine mounts. Mounts are relatively hard to reduce engine movement, and therefore provide some NVH at idle and low rpm.

Mounts need to use a front sump (LS3 is rear sump). Either an aftermarket front sump can be used, or swapped for a front LS1 sump. The aftermarket sump may need slight modification if the oil filter fittings point downwards onto the FA20 crossmember.


The LS1 sump requires some clearancing at the rear to clear the swaybar and crossmember.

The gearbox mount is to suit the TR6060 gearbox using the OEM GM TR6060 rubber mount.

The gearbox mounts to the side of each tunnel and can either be welded or bolted to the tunnel. When bolted, a square plate is used on the other side of the tunnel sheetmetal for extra strength.

A removable bottom section allows the gearbox to be removed easily.


16mm alloy subframe spacers are supplied to give extra clearance to fit the LS under the bonnet.

The mounts are lasercut with elongated holes in several spots which allows some adjustment to be made to the desired position of the engine. The default position fits the engine in a position more suited for street use with the engine forward enough to allow enough clearance to the firewall and allowing enough room for heater and A/C hoses. There is no need to modify, or hammer out the tunnel to get the TR6060 to fit.


Slight modification to the vertical radiator support bar is required to clear the crank pulley and some clearancing of the radiator fan shroud is also required or a slimline aftermarket shroud fitted. A recessed or internal clutch master cylinder is also required.


The default kit contains all the lasercut and folded steelwork pieces. adjoining pieces are slotted to one another like a jigsaw puzzle, so the alignment of most pieces can be guaranteed taking the guesswork out of making your own mounts. Notching at the ends of the RHS tubes is required to suit your desired position in the Y position.


The default kit includes the whiteline mounts and whiteline nuts however does not include other bolts required by the kit.


Longer bolts may be required to allow for the 16mm spacers.

A bolt kit can be added as an option that includes longer subframe bolts, tunnel bracket bolts and gearbox mount bolts.


A fully assembled engine mount kit is also available fully welded and painted and made to order. The bare kit is kept in stock for immediate dispatch.


Price includes free shipping to Australia only. Please contact to enquite about overseas shipping.