Canbus Emulator Mini

Canbus Emulator Mini

For Canbus Subaru engines into non Subaru vehicles (such as VW), or into older Subaru vehicles.

The Canbus Emulator Mini works on EJ/EE/EZ/FB/FA series of engines from the Subaru Liberty/Legacy/Outback Gen4-5 (2004-2015) models and the Impreza/Forester/WRX Gen3 (2008)-present, as well as the Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86.  It has a speedometer input from a conventional 4-5pulse speedometer wheel sensor, and can also be used with a GPS speed input reference. The speed can be calibrated to 25%-250% of the orignal signal, and allows cruise control to fully function.  It also provides an optional input for a Reverse input signal to activate the rearview camera when the vehicle is placed into reverse. 

The Dash Cluster Delete function can be added as an option, and allows the emulator to capture the dash cluster immobiliser codes on models that run the cluster on the High Speed Canbus (Gen4 Liverty/Legacy/Outback) and Gen3 Impreza/Forester/WRXs. For Gen3 Liberty/Legacy/Outbacks (2004-2010) or Gen3 Impreza/Forester/Wrx (~2008-2013) you will need the seperate Low Speed Dash Delete module.

The Emulator mini can also be optioned with two ground switching output connections that can be used for indication lamps, warning buzzers or to trigger external relays. This can be handy when you do not use the Subaru Canbus cluster that used Canbus to drive the lamps. Examples include check engine lamps (late models), oil level low and cruise control set lamp. It can even be programmed to drive an outputs under certain conditions such as a coolant temperature alarm. Please describe what functions you will like on checkout, and if insure, contact us beforehand so we can confirm the function can be programmed. 


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