BRZ/GT86/FRS Power Steering Emulator

BRZ/GT86/FRS Power Steering Emulator

The AGT Engineering “Canbus Emulator Mini-BRZ Steering Emulator” allows the use of the BRZ/GT86/FRS electric power steering column in certain conversions and in a stand alone environment, when the Canbus signals that are mandatory for it to work properly are not present.

The main signals the emulator emulates is Engine Speed (RPM), and Vehicle Speed.


There are three different versions.


  • Version1: Variable assist via external speed pulse input (either wheel speed sensor or via ABS pulsed output)
  • Version2:  Manual adjustable assist via the on-board potentiometer knob.
  • Version3:  Manual adjustable assit via remote control (dimmer control knob which can be installed next to the existing dimmer on the BRZ/GT86/FRS.


Please download and read the manul for a more detailed description and installation instructions.