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Subaru Canbus Wiring Harness Modification Information

Starting to put together a few information videos showing the process of the wiring loom modification. This video shows how we modify the later model (Canbus style) Subaru harnesses to run stand alone for installation into another vehicle (such as a VW). We hope that this video gives an understanding of the process and provides a guide of what you need to send us to do the modifications, and what you will receive as an end result. If you plan to do the loom modifications yourself, we hope the video provides a guide on how to go about it.

The video is broken into 7 parts:

PART1 - Initial Harness/Loom overview

PART2 - First chop of non engine related bunched wiring

PART3 - Remaining wiring is stripped from the outer sheath

PART4 - Rough connections made to the Interface Box

PART5 - Information about the Immobiliser systems used on these models

PART6 - Remove all non-engine related wiring

PART7 - Final product and bench testing

For the DIY'ers. A matching set of electrical schematics is a must. We prefer to use the genuine Subaru diagrams, and these can be found for various models from the Subaru Legacy International forums.

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