Plug and Play LS3 to BRZ/86/FRS Translator with modified LS3 Engine Harness

Plug and Play LS3 to BRZ/86/FRS Translator with modified LS3 Engine Harness

We have finally sourced a reliable supply of brand new factory authentic GM LS3 harnesses and therefore can now supply the LS3 plug and play translator with an engine loom. This means in most cases there are no wiring modifications needed on the car or the engine loom, it simply plugs in! 


The engine wiring is for an LS3/L98 (without DOD) from an Australian VE/VF Commodore and will suit similar motors using the gold plate throttle, 58tooth reluctor and TR6060 Gearbox with Reverse lockout and 2pin speed sensor. If a different gearbox is used, the gearbox connectors may need to be modified to suit.


There are a few different plug types of the O2 sensors used on these engines. The supplied loom uses the flat 4pin connector and square 4pin connector for the Front/Rear 02 Sensors as per the listing photo. If your sensors have different plugs, an adaptor will be required or the plugs changed. Rear 02 Sensors plugs are provided (if rear sensors are not used, the tune file will need to be altered to prevent a DTC occuring). The harness also includes a MAF sensor, which can be eliminated in the tune of desired.


Please note a new/2nd hand E38 ECU (PCM) will be required (not supplied) with a tunefile to suit the engine (with immobiliser removed and edited to run stand alone). There are a wide variety of companies that provide this service. We recommend getting your preferred tuner to perform this function. A couple of "HP Tuners" tune files are provided on the website that can be used if required (these have the immobiliser removed and redundant DTCs disabled).


Price includes international  Air freight.